About me

My name is Bozena

In my everyday life I am a wife, mother, grandmother, mother in law, carer, friend, chorister.

I worked as an accountant in human resources, as a secretary, insurance agent, distributor, manager of MLM and president of the music society. For the majority of my professional life I have been involved and actively participated in cultural events and their organization. For many years now my big passion and love is singing in a choir. I go to choir rehearsals and singing brings me great pleasure.

So what about painting?

I have always felt the need to paint deep inside of me, but was finally ready for it after 36 years (the last time I had a paintbrush in my hand was in high school). I follow my intuition. I paint from the bottom of my heart and soul. I paint what I feel. Some day an inspiration for me can be thought, another day someone’s poem or music. But most of the time it’s silence in which I meet myself. I create without expectations. When I start a painting – I never know what it will look like. So I invite you to my workshop that I host…

I give myself the right to do so because I myself experienced the miracle of the Vedic Principles of art.

I am a Recommended Teacher of VA which means that I follow the Vedic Principles of art and lead workshops according to the requirements of Curt Kallman who is the creator of the method. You can find me on the official list of VA teachers in Poland on the vedicart.pl website.

Bożena Bieleniewicz
2020-07-16 I appeared in the 4th episode of Gosia Kozłowsia’s podcast “Pełnia Mocy” (eng. “Full of Power”). We talk about my life path with Vedic Art, about freedom and allowing ourselves to follow what she calls out to us. I also invite you to the website https://pelniamocy.pl Listen to “Pełnia Mocy 04 – rozmowa z Bożeną Bieleniewicz o Vedic Art” on Spreaker.
Interview on Bayer FM Radio with Bożena Bieleniewicz from the 2017-10-26.
Interview on Radio 5 Ełk with Bożena Bieleniewicz from the 2017-10-26.