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VEDIC ART is the method of consciousness development that uses intuitive painting as a technique.
The method is simple and ingenuous. It brings measurable results in personal growth.

The VA workshops are a great opportunity to experience “here and now” while creating.
Vedic Art is a painting method of heart and soul – an intuitive painting.

What is Vedic Art?

Vedic art does not teach anyone how to paint. No, Vedic Art is a way to remember how to paint. And not only to remember how art can be created. From the very beginning, when we hear about the Seventeen Vedic Principles of art, we begin to remember the whole story of life. From where we come and where we are going.

Vedic art is a navigation map.
Use the compass you have in your brain and find the way to the chamber of peace in your heart. Then when you dip your brush in light, space and bliss, eternity will be pictured. When you enter Your work of art – in Your self-referring dialogue – You will find the code of how life can be lived and how a work of art can open doors in heaven and on earth.

November 1, 2004 r.
Curt Källman
Vedic Art Creator

The name Vedic Art is protected by a European Union patent of 2015-12-21, No. 014524482. All names of the Vedic Principles of art and texts for teachers that belong to Johannes Källman and Vedic Art Sweden are protected.

Vedic Art® is a unique modern method and founded in 1988 as an education in Sweden.
Vedic Art is a registered trademark in Sweden since 1997 and in the European Union since 2015.
© All rights reserved. The only way to get access to the Curt Kallman method and 17 rules is to join the Vedic Art course.
Patent number in the European Union 014524482, Date of registration: 21/12/2015. Johannes Kallman, Vedic Art International.

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