Welcome to my page

It’s not a coincidence that you are here, because there is no such thing like coincidence. Something attracted you to this page… I am here for you. I want to share with you what I’ve received, and perhaps YOU need it.

Let me introduce myself...

In my everyday life I am a wife, mother, grandmother, mother in law, carer, friend, choister.

I worked as an accountant in human resources, as a secretary, insurance agent, distributor, manager of MLM and president of the music society. For the majority of my professional life I have been involved and actively participated in cultural events and their organization. For many years now my big passion and love is singing in a choir. I go to choir rehearsals with joy and singing brings me great pleasure.

So how did my journey
with Vedic Art start?

I came across Vedic Art by accident at the beginning of 2015 and from that time till now I’ve already taken part in many workshops in various places in Poland. I passed the I and II degree of initiation but still it wasn’t enough for me… Painting absorbed me so much that I decided to take a teaching course of Vedic Art to pass on my acquired knowledge. Ewa Szymczak, Danusia Kozłowska, Adriana Karima, Ewa Miłek, Izabela Czubek, Jacek Wojciech Poteralski, Halina Łucka, Johannes Kallman - all were my teachers. They have taught me the Seventeen Vedic Principles of art as well as their own observations, wise, deep thoughts, with the help of which I am HERE and NOW, with which I paint… I am thankful to them and for the time we spend together.

How do I paint?

I follow my intuition. I paint from the bottom of my heart and soul. I paint what I feel. Some days an inspiration for me can be thought, the other day someone’s poem or music. But most of the time it’s silence in which I meet myself. I create without expectations. When I start a painting – I never know what it will look like. I choose colors intuitively, I take a paintbrush and dive into painting.

I invite you to my Gallery to take a closer look at my artworks. I am interested in what you’ll see in them.

I invite You to intuitive painting according to the Curt Kallman
method workshop

I give myself the right to do so because I myself experienced the miracle of the Vedic Principles of art.

In the workshop you will discover how greaty Your potential and creativity are. You will have an opportunity to express your creative nature without any limitations. You will start to believe in yourself. And maybe you will fall in love with painting? You will ascertain that you can live a better life, in another way. As Confucius said: “It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”.